Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ninja Stars at a Wedding

One of my good friends from college, Christina, is getting married in January O.o  I am so blessed by her friendship.  Christina definitely has the gift of hospitality, and, in college when we lived 2 minutes apart, I made sure I did not miss a single opportunity to benefit from this special gift.  I swear she has a special touch when she makes tea.  I’m not addicted to tea like I am to Coca-Cola, but I do enjoy an occasional cup, unless Christina is around.  Then, I almost always have a cup in hand.  Every time I came to her place, she would offer up a warm cup of tea and snacks (usually cheez-its duos or bread and cheese) to help us stay up to write our lit theory papers (woo!!!! No more deconstructionalist papers).  She is an amazing storyteller.  I LOVE listening to her tell about people in her class or the kids she was teaching at Sunday school.  Also, she is just great at salsa dancing (it’s her natural grace kicking in). 

I really do adore her, even though I am not too pleased that she decided to LEAVE ME!!!!! She moved to the other coast, to FL, which is where her fiancĂ© is.  It is also where she will make her home………..*sniff*  I really miss her.  But, on the bright side, she only lives an hour away from DISNEY WORLD!!! I want to go there so badly.  I am a Disney geek, but I have never been to Disney World.  Hopefully, that will one day change.  The fact that Elisabeth (my best friend and fellow Disney/Quilting geek) and I can stay with her for free (if we ever save enough money) has softened the blow of her leaving.

Of course, I wanted to make her a quilt for her wedding.  I thought long and hard about the quilt  for her and Bryce, her fiancĂ©.  I know that I wanted to use purple in the quilt because that is part of her wedding colors (I think it is plum or eggplant).  I didn’t know what other colors were going to be in her wedding, so I just picked her favorite color-green.  Elisabeth helped me pick out these fabrics.  She is great at putting things together.  I partially decided on this quilt pattern b/c I could try to justify to Bryce that this quilt is for both him and Christina because it is manly.  It has ninja stars in the pattern!  Even big boys like destroying things.

For the back, I used this fabric b/c she really likes nature.  I did simple quilting (I’m a little nervous about trying anything too complicated).  I just quilted in the white approximately ¼” from the seam.

This is my favorite quilt I’ve made so far.  I was so excited when I was finished that I had to call Christina and tell her all about it………..oops!  Oh well, I didn’t show her pictures, so I guess I kind of showed self control. 

Christina definitely deserves this quilt.  She has been a great friend (we met while studying abroad in London), and I hope she feels loved every time she sees this quilt.

Wishing you a life free from stay threads,